Not Just Another Day at the Office: Comcast Technicians Save Lives During Shift

Brad Canady (pictured left) and Adam McAndrew (pictured right) didn’t expect to be thrust into the role of life-saving hero as they went about their workdays, but that’s what happened recently to the pair of Comcast senior residential technicians.

Brad’s Hero Story 

Ten minutes before his lunch break was going to end, a young man ran up to Brad’s truck asking for help. Brad soon discovered that the man’s friend was unresponsive in his car. Without hesitation, Brad helped get the friend out of the car and, while the other individual called 911, he started CPR.

The 911 dispatcher guided me through it and right before the ambulance arrived, I was able to feel a pulse,” he says. “It was probably only a few minutes before the ambulance pulled up, but it felt like hours. I have never been so happy to hear those sirens.”

Brad says he’s never been in a life-saving situation, but he had some inspiration from home to help him. “My wife is a nurse and hearing about her experience with first aid and CPR helped me stay calm and focused,” he says.

He isn’t sure how the man he helped is doing, but Brad says he likes to think he is recovered and living a good life.

Adam’s Hero Story

Adam’s first job of the day took a similar unexpected turn. He arrived at an apartment to install a home security system.

Adam talked to the customer for a few minutes, and then to the customer’s brother – nothing seemed unusual. A few minutes later, the customer went to the patio and found her brother unresponsive.

I heard her repeating his name, trying to see if he was awake and I could tell something was wrong,” Adam says.

Together, they moved the man into the apartment where Adam, trained in CPR, started chest compressions while the customer called 911. Adam continued CPR until the paramedics arrived. “They said our quick response saved his life,” he says.

While the ambulance transported the man to the hospital, Adam says he stayed to complete the installation – but not without some leftover nerves. As he was finishing up, the man called from the hospital to let his sister know that he was going to be okay. “He told his sister to thank me for saving his life,” Adam says.

When asked for advice they would give others who find themselves in a similar situation, Brad and Adam say the same thing: “Don’t be afraid to help. You can do it.”

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