Holiday Hosting WiFi Tips

You’ve made your (to-do) list, and you’ve checked it twice –– the menu is set, decorations are hung, and the playlist is curated. But you may be forgetting a key item on your lengthy holiday hosting list: the Internet connection! Don’t let your WiFi falter with these helpful tips from Xfinity to ensure a strong connection and even happier guests.  

  1. Before Anything, Reboot Your Gateway 

Your Wireless Gateway will be better equipped to take on your guest’s WiFi demands with the most recent software and speed updates. To keep your WiFi running at peak performance, a few days before your celebration, unplug your Gateway for 5-10 seconds before plugging it back in. After a few minutes, it will turn on and be ready for your guests.  

  1. The Gateway Takes Center Stage

Whether or not a traditional main dish sits in the middle of your Pinterest-inspired tablescape, your router should be in the center of where people congregate. Most of your guests will mingle in your living room and kitchen, so find a prime spot, about 5 feet off the ground, for your Gateway to reach the most-used areas of your home with the strongest WiFi signal. It’s been waiting for its chance in the spotlight all year.  

  1. Get Festive with the WiFi Password  

Sometimes it can be hard to remember your WiFi password – or maybe your WiFi password is still an inside joke from your youthful days. Beat the most commonly asked question from your guests (besides when are we eating) and refresh your Gateway’s password to something holiday-themed and easy to remember through or the Xfinity app. Identify your network and select “Edit WiFi” to change your password. Just be sure to change it after everyone leaves.  

  1. Power of the Pod 

If you have enough space to host your entire extended family, chances are you’ll need to keep your guests connected throughout your home. The kids in the basement game room need as strong a connection as the holiday movie streamers upstairs! Take advantage of an xFi Pod to extend your WiFi connection and eliminate dead spots in hard-to-reach areas distant from your Gateway.  

  1. Press Pause 

When it’s finally dinner time, take some time to “press pause” and enjoy a meal shared with loved ones. With the Xfinity app, you can pause WiFi access for your guests to remove digital distractions and spend quality time with family. No one is taking a peek at TikTok or glancing over their shoulder at the TV under your watch. When the kids need some wind down time after dinner, the Xfinity app also allows you to implement Parental Controls and set up “bedtime” mode.  

  1. Stream in Peace 

Once everyone has gone back for seconds and thirds and dessert is demolished, take time to recoup from your food coma. Lean back on the couch and stream your family-favorite TV shows and movies, available to Xfinity Internet customers for free through the Flex 4K streaming box. Binge holiday classics or start new traditions with the latest blockbusters. 

With Xfinity xFi, make the season even brighter with seamless WiFi services. Follow these tips for a holiday-gathering-ready home and cheerful celebration. 


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