Conquering Connectivity: Tips to Make the Most of Your WiFi

Whether you’re a student, a parent of a busy family, a young professional, a business leader or an entrepreneur, internet service is the foundation of our connectivity in today’s world.

Because technology is increasingly capable and complex at the same time, we know the importance of a reliable WiFi connection and the impact when it’s suddenly unavailable.

What do you do if your WiFi goes out? Does your router need maintenance over time? How do you make sure your internet service can keep up with multiple users all on the internet on multiple devices at the same time?

We’ve compiled this list of tips and FAQs to help you tackle these questions and more, just in time for back to school.

WiFi Frequently Asked Questions – and Answers!

Where’s the best spot to put my router at home?

Place your router in a central location for the best coverage throughout your home. An Xfinity xFi Gateway, available for all Comcast home customers, automatically changes frequencies to provide the optimum connection for devices on the network. Accompanying xFi Pods work with the Gateway to extend WiFi coverage throughout larger spaces, ensuring you get online fast in every nook and cranny.

Additional Tip: If you bought your router yourself and it’s more than four years old, consider replacing it with a Gateway from Xfinity. If you are leasing a router from Comcast, use the xFi mobile app to make sure you have the latest Gateway. If it’s time for an upgrade, Comcast will ship you a new router right away, ensuring you have the fastest speeds.

How can I access free public hotspots?

Xfinity WiFi hotspots give you access to free, reliable WiFi in public spaces across the county. Go online to find an interactive map of the hotspots near you.

Can my WiFi keep up with all our family’s devices and demands on bandwidth?

Although it has been a challenge in the past for WiFi networks to adjust to multiple users and devices, the Xfinity xFi Gateway automatically changes frequencies to provide the optimum connection for devices on a single network in your home.

Additional Tip: Do a monthly check to see what devices are on your home’s WiFi network. Disconnect unrecognized devices from your network and ensure all your devices have updated software. It takes a few minutes and you might have to restart a device, but it’s worth it to know which devices are sharing your bandwidth.

I worry about the media my kids are consuming. Can I monitor connectivity and content even when I’m not home?

The xFi app allows customers to manage their home network from anywhere, on any device. A feature offered by Xfinity xFi allows parents to instantly pause their home’s WiFi connectivity by user or device or set an “Active Time Alert” to set specific weekday and weekend time limits across devices. This allows you to limit your kids’ device usage to certain time periods. In addition, the Xfinity Home system can be instructed to notify a parent via text message or email when their child returns home after school.

Additional Tip: Set an annual reminder to adjust the settings on your Xfinity xFi so the online sites and programs your kids see are being monitored and restricted if necessary.

As a business owner, what kind of technology ensures that I get good service?

Comcast has the largest, fastest Gig Enabled network to suit any business need with no data caps! In addition, WiFi Pro service from Comcast Business enables you to set up to two additional access points with bandwidth allocation for private and guest custom branded networks.

A power or network outage is a huge headache for our business — what’s being done to address this?

With Comcast Business Connection Pro, Comcast is the first broadband provider to offer an automatic 4G wireless backup in the event of a power or network outage. LTE backup is will also allow power to continue running their daily operations on up to four devices in the event of an outage.

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