A Heart for the Community and Hidden Talents: An Interview with Rich Jennings

With a strong belief in balancing work, family, and service, Rich Jennings leads the Mountain West Region at Comcast with a focus on caring for customers, employees and the wider community.

We recently sat down with Rich to learn what drives him and what the rest of us would be surprised to learn about him.

What gives you the most satisfaction about leading the Comcast Mountain West Region (encompassing Tucson, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah)?

I love providing a service that helps people in our community connect to what’s important in their lives. I also value this company and my colleagues who hold such value for community service. For me, it’s about where you live.  It’s important to me – both as a person and as a professional – to have a hand in shaping the environment where my family lives and where our company’s employees are. Companies have an obligation to make an effort to give their resources and help replenish a community – in big and small ways.

What is something the community would be surprised to learn about you?

I’m a former competitive martial artist and amateur boxer. Like any sport, those experiences taught me focus and discipline, and how to balance a competitive spirit with sportsmanlike conduct. That’s the real lesson of sports for me: Even though you are competing and want to win – you do so honorably and you help others along the way. Those are the same qualities that drive you forward as a leader and help make you successful as a professional.

Where are we most likely to find you outside of work?

When I am not working, you can find me in the gym (early), or with family later in the day. My wife, Lesley, and I have three daughters (pictured left to right) Jaelyn, the youngest who is in tenth grade; Micah, our oldest who graduated from University of Northern Colorado; and Aureon, who is currently a student at Stetson University. I also love music, especially Reggae. It’s music of the people, transparent, honest. It talks about things we all go through in life and how people perceive what’s happening around them.

What’s the most important way you support the next generation of Comcast leaders?

I try to provide opportunities for new leaders to experience different elements of leadership and different environments in which to apply their abilities. I always encourage emerging leaders to spend time developing emotional intelligence in service of building a great culture. This will bolster the results you want and attract and sustain the level of talent you need. Similar to a sports team – the basketball coach can’t be on the court taking the shots.  Coach has to build a team, instill the culture and mission, and empower the team to take the shot and win the game.




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