Making Your Home Smart(er): One command to Comcast Voice Remote turns off your lights, tracks your kid

Imagine controlling all of the smart and WiFi connected devices in your home just by speaking to your X1 voice remote. Or, consider all of the apps you could delete from your phone if you had one, seamless platform that could communicate with all of your smart devices instead of dozens of separate applications. Now, Xfinity customers won’t have to imagine, as Comcast rolls out seamless connectivity and a wider range of home automation features to all Xfinity internet customers.

The move will enable Comcast to put access to smart home controls into the hands of more than 15 million Xfinity customers at no additional cost.  It also will make the adoption of digital home technologies and innovative Internet of Things (IoT) experiences more accessible to more people by simplifying home automation.

This system includes the expansion of capabilities for X1 (TV and voice remote), xFi (WiFi), Xfinity Home (home security), and Xfinity Mobile. The X1 voice remote will enable the unification of all current products.

For example, controlling your home can be as simple as saying “Good Night” to your X1 voice remote to lock doors, turn lights off, adjust your thermostat, and arm your security system. Other possibilities include integrating geo-location technology in a smartphone with the xFi Wireless Gateway to receive a notification when your child returns home from school.

Americans are expected to have an average of 50 connected devices in their homes by 2020. The challenges of connecting and managing all of those devices will only grow more complicated without a seamless and integrated way to manage and control them all. With Xfinity as your home operating system, your connected home will not only be smart, but simple as well.

You can learn more about how to automate your smart home devices with Xfinity here:

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