Living Room Dance Parties Made Easy with iHeartMedia on Xfinity X1

Whether you’re hosting family and friends for the holidays or having an impromptu dance party by yourself, putting on your favorite playlist, station or DJ at home has never been easier. Simply state “Listen to iHeartRadio” into your Xfinity X1 Voice Remote and let the fun begin.

According to Nielsen, nearly half of all music listening (44%) happens in the home. Now it’s even easier to listen to your favorite music with the new partnership between Comcast and iHeartMedia making iHeartRadio, the free all-in-one digital music, podcasting and live streaming radio service, available on Xfinity X1. With this new feature, you can enjoy more than 1,000 radio stations from across the country – directly on your TV.

From Bret Saunders and Ginger on 97.3 KBCO, to Nerf and Steve Burrell on 93.3 KTCL, all of your favorite iHeartRadio stations and shows can now be accessed through your TV on Xfinity X1.

Use your voice remote to launch iHeartRadio or browse and select stations integrated throughout related sections of Xfinity On Demand simply by saying “Listen to iHeartRadio” into the voice remote.

“We are excited to team up with Comcast to bring iHeartMedia’s massive catalog of live radio stations to the highly innovate Xfinity X1 platform,” said Michele Laven, President of Strategic Partnerships Group for iHeartMedia.

Following the initial roll out, iHeartRadio will continue to expand the music offering available on X1, including iHeartRadio’s curated playlists, custom artist radio stations, podcasts, as well as the ability to call up a specific station or DJ directly with the voice remote. Specifically, you will be able to:

  • Listen to your favorite radio stations by saying “Listen to iHeartRadio” into the voice remote, or by navigating to the iHeartRadio app located in the apps section of X1. Future phases of the app will include the ability to search and access popular stations and DJs by saying voice commands like, “New York’s Z100 on iHeartRadio,” “Chicago’s 103.5 KISS FM on iHeartRadio,” or “Listen to Elvis Duran on iHeartRadio.”
  • Explore and listen to curated playlists and individual stations integrated throughout the Xfinity On Demand menu. For example, during the week of the Country Music Awards, you might find featured country music stations within the music section of Xfinity On Demand.
  • Find and keep a list of favorites, including your hometown station, for quick access. X1 customers can listen to all of iHeartRadio’s live radio stations without any signup, but you can also sign-in to your iHeartRadio account to access your personalized listening experience.

“Music continues to be an important part of the X1 in-home entertainment experience, and we are providing X1 customers with even more choice in how, when and where they enjoy it,” said Nancy Spears, Vice President, Digital Media Distribution and Monetization, Comcast Cable. “Whether they are looking for background music or want to entertain a crowd, the addition of iHeartRadio to X1 will add even more value to their Xfinity TV subscription, and continue to differentiate X1 as the go-to destination in the home for accessing all of their favorite content in one place.”

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