Comcast NBCUniversal’s Military Commitment: Serving Our Country, Customers and Communities

At Comcast, we’re grateful to our Nation’s military for their dedicated service. That’s why we’ve hired more than 13,000 members of the military community since 2010, including Veterans, National Guard and Reserve members, and military spouses – many who are graduates of our country’s military service academies.

We work to hire members of the military community at all levels across our organization. David Krook, a director of technical operations in Colorado, is one of our military hires locally. Military service runs in David’s family with relatives serving in every war since the Civil War.

David was assigned to the USN Presidential Honor Guard, as an Aviation Ordinance Man 3rd Class Petty Officer. While in this role, he represented the Navy at the White House for any detail requiring a military presence for visiting dignitaries or heads of states. Now in his role at Comcast, he remembers an important lesson he learned while serving, “…people are the most important asset. If you train, provide the proper tools, develop and care for them as individuals they will help the team achieve the goals set.”

Like Comcast, David and his family appreciate the skills and values an individual acquires while serving in the military. David now incorporates much of what he learned into his career at Comcast, and he attributes his time in the military for teaching him “…self-discipline, self-motivation and most importantly, becoming a leader who is responsible for individuals’ careers and livelihood.”



Images of David Krook during his time in the military. 

We know members of the military community gained skills that make them an ideal fit at Comcast NBCUniversal. And, we work to ensure they feel connected during the next phase in their life. That’s why we created VetNet, a veteran employee resource group serving as a base of support for members, including onboarding, mentorship and sponsorship programs and events focused on growing the professional and personal development of veterans. In Colorado, more than 500 employees are members of the local VetNet chapter.

Everything Comcast NBCUniversal does to serve the military community is because of our belief that Service Matters – Service to Country, Service to Customers, Service to Communities.

Our goal is to make seeking, hiring and developing, retaining and maintaining military talent natural part of our DNA here at Comcast NBCUniversal. We thank David Krook and all of our employees who serve our country and our customers.

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