Connecting and Committed to the Northern Colorado Community – Fort Collins Startup Week

It’s a privilege to be a part of our customers’ lives, and we are committed to connecting with our customers across Colorado. As such, we spent the last week of February in Fort Collins at Fort Collins Startup Week.

Fort Collins Startup Week is a five-day celebration of the Fort Collin’s community to build momentum and opportunity around entrepreneurship in all industries. Bold ideas and entrepreneurship remain a core part of Comcast’s DNA. As the title sponsor of this year’s Fort Collins Startup Week, we’re proud to support the innovators, inventors and founders building businesses toward a better future in northern Colorado, and across the entire state.

Throughout the week, we saw exciting ways local business leaders and first time entrepreneurs came together to discuss how to continue to strengthen and grow the community. On Wednesday, we hosted a panel titled, “Breaking the Barriers in Colorado’s Workforce: Opportunities for Women in STEM.” The panel brought together local leaders from several disciplines including city council members, directors of education, product designers and research microbiologists to discuss the responsibility and ways we as a community can address the diversity gap in the STEM workforce, specifically through the lens of women.

Comcast and our employees are proud to be a growing part of the Fort Collins community. This month we are opening a state-of-the-art customer service center in Fort Collins to handle service, billing and technical concerns. When fully staffed, the center will employ more than 600 people. This new call center is integral to Comcast’s major, multi-year strategy to reinvent the customer experience and create a culture of exceeding customers’ expectations. Click here for more information about careers available at the new customer service center.


Comcast employee ambassadors staffing our “basecamp” booth during the Welcome to Startup Week Breakfast.


Panelists from the “Breaking the Barriers in Colorado’s Workforce: Opportunities for Women in STEM” panel discussing practical ideas for bridging the STEM workforce divide.


Comcast employees networking and connecting with the community during the Open House Happy Hour.

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